Art of fooling drug tests by using fake pee

Drug testing is common in many professions, and candidates are often put in vulnerable situations when drug use is discovered. Many candidates end up using fake pee to clear drug tests. Synthetic urine is very popular among people who fear drug use will cause them to lose their jobs or lucrative opportunities. It takes a lot of work.

Basic principles of drug testing

Understand drug testing before attempting to pass a test using fake pee. Most drug tests identify particular substances or metabolites in urine, blood, hair, or saliva. Varying drug tests have different detection timeframes and sensitivity levels. Drug testing uses immunoassay and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-ms). Gc-ms is slower but more accurate than immunoassays. Knowing this fundamental information helps choose and utilize fake urine.

Mechanism of synthetic urine

Drug cheats often utilize fake urine. But how? Laboratory-made synthetic urine resembles natural pee in appearance, chemical content, and temperature. They are supplied in compact containers with temperature strips to ensure the right temperature. Warm it to body temperature and submit it as your pee. To verify samples, lab analysts evaluate ph, creatinine, and specific gravity. In the lab, synthetic pee looks like genuine urine. However, not all synthetic urine products are made equal and may fail specific lab tests. To increase your chances of success, follow the directions carefully.

Mechanism of fake pee

Advantages and disadvantages of using fake pee

There are downsides to utilizing synthetic urine to pass a drug test and prevent negative findings and unemployment. Fake pee may lead to penalties and prison time in certain places, which is the biggest downside. It is challenging and might provide erroneous test results if done incorrectly. Thus, before using fake pee for drug test, people should balance the positives and downsides. Comparisons are needed.

How to use fake pee correctly?

If done incorrectly, drug tests using fake urine might be dangerous. Drug test fake urine tips:

  • Know your test kind – Test type determines fake urine. Unsupervised synthetic urine kits vary from supervised ones.
  • Make fake urine – Prepare the fake urine according to the kit instructions before the test. Maintain a 90-100°f temperature.
  • A synthetic urine belt, empty sunscreen bottle, toy animal, or another disguise may be used.
  • Fake pee properly. Use the smuggled fake pee properly. Pour the synthetic urine into the right-temperature sample cup.

What to know before using them

Faking urine for drug tests is dangerous. Synthetic urine may help you pass drug tests, but it comes with hazards. Choose a trusted fake pee for the drug test and follow the directions to prevent these hazards. Many drug testing labs utilize temperature and visual examinations to identify fake urine. In conclusion, using fake urine to pass a drug test may be appealing, but consider the hazards and other choices first.

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