Know the simple solution to Uveitis

Uveitis is a condition that causes inflammation in a patient’s middle layer of his eye, also known as uvea. At times, this condition affects only one eye, whereas at times, it affects both eyes. Several reasons give rise to uveitis. Inflammatory diseases like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis, smoking, any kind of injury to the eye, infections like shingles virus, syphilis, herpes simplex virus, parasites like toxoplasmosis, and Lyme disease. 

Sometimes, patients find themselves suffering from uveitis suddenly, and it becomes worse with time. However, it happens gradually, too. Patients ought to treat uveitis immediately so that they do not suffer from long-term complications like blindness or vision loss. Commonly, this condition is treated with medication like pills, eye drops, or steroid injections. 

The symptoms of uveitis

The symptoms of uveitis are many.  It could be sensitivity to the eyes, eye redness, decreased vision, dark spots in the floaters, blurred vision, pain in the eyes, etc. Commonly, patients do not experience any symptoms of uveitis, but they observe them when they undergo routine eye examinations. The uvea comprises the ciliary body, the choroid, and the iris. Patients suffering from uveitis observe a white portion in their eyes, known as the sclera, as well as a colored part, called the iris. Most often, doctors prescribe oral steroids to treat uveitis that they have collected from a reliable source like SYN Pharma in Canada.

The benefits of oral steroids

Corticosteroid medications are also recognized as steroids. They seem effective in treating swelling and inflammation that affects the eyes, as well as other parts of a person’s body. However, corticosteroids and anabolic steroids are different, and athletes and bodybuilders take the latter to build muscles. Humans naturally contain corticosteroids, which seem useful for regulating salt, blood sugar, and levels of water in the body. Additionally, they also assist in controlling allergic reactions. 

Benefits of oral steroids

What must you inform your doctor?

Before you begin to take oral steroids, you must inform your doctor if you have been taking other medications or not. Some non-prescription and prescription medications include ulcer medicine, aspirin, or medication that contains aspirin, antibiotics, diuretics, anticoagulants, medications for arthritis, ulcer medication, estrogen-like birth control pills, etc.

How do oral steroids cure uveitis?

Uveitis is a condition that affects the eyes, and commonly, it happens when the immune response of the body doesn’t work properly. Hence, ophthalmologists suggest oral steroids from trustworthy companies like SYN Pharma that could suppress the patient’s immune system. This way, uveitis is treated. However, steroid tablets also seem helpful in treating other conditions of the eyes, like giant cell arteritis and Graves’ disease.

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